One of the students Ankara escort intersperses her telling with a lot of numbers

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» » One of the students Ankara escort intersperses her telling with a lot of numbers

6,701 days since my birthday. 578 966 400 seconds. Statistic tells that a human body needs 2 liters of liquid per day. It means I drank around 13.4 tons of water for my entire life. Every day when I go to study, I cross 21 miles to get from home to a place where all other students are educated. Only not like me, not students Ankara escort – as far as I know, only two students Ankara escort are in my educational facility. Me and Liz. I don’t know her well – we spoke once in a campus and then I saw her picture on the Internet with a lot of other call girls pretending to be students Ankara escort.

I like numbers. They help me evade chaos in life. I smoked 5,475 cigarettes during these 3 years as I started smoking (sure, my parents don’t know). 517 bottles of beer and 38 tequila bottles were drunk (I counted). 37 men I met playing my role of one the students Ankara escort, one number less than tequila bottles. Just a coincidence.

70 used condoms, which make 1.89 condoms per one man I dated with. I dated 3 boys in a high school, we made 178 kisses and 0 coituses with them. I started having sex for money in a college here in Ankara. This city is big and needs far more money than my parents send me every month. Every nightclub sells expensive drinks. Every parking lot needs money. A paid cable TV. An air conditioner, which gets broken in my room in campus stably once a month. New clothes. New cigarettes. New beers. But most of all – new iPhone, expensive shoes, and the money I want to deposit to save on my future house. Several thousand extra dollars every month over this money my parents send me. 5,124 in February; 3,088 in March; 4,997 in April… I cover all those expenses and savings working as one of the students Ankara escort. I don’t even have to pretend: I am a student (of philosophic department). They all get the best of me – white top of thin linen, high tights to a knee, short skirt without panties, extra-finely shaved pussy and anus. And I know where men get their hands first.

One of the students Ankara escort is an unbelievably hot chick who underlines her round buttocks with the perfect skin by pulling up the material of shorts

Did you know that each act takes about 17 minutes of the pure time? Paulo Coelho told it is 11 minutes (she is speaking about his book ‘Eleven Minutes’ – editor’s note) but I have counted my men’s time. I always have the iWatch on my wrist to look at the time. They book me for 1, 2, 4 or even 8 hours but the longest time we were actually doing this is 38 minutes.

Did you know that every man ordering students Ankara escort smokes? I haven’t seen a non-smoking client yet. Did you know that tables and flat surfaces inside of all rooms on the high floors of high-storey 5-star hotels never covered with anything? It is because their surfaces are constantly used to sniff drugs. I’ve seen that: tables, marbled baths, bedside tables… A flat surface is ideal for making and sniffing roads. 8 roads are made of 1 gram. 8 cigarettes are made of one matchbox of weed. Coincidence again.

34 out of 37 men had a bright strip on a finger’s skin formed by a wedding ring. They all take it off.

I have had sex with 5 guys at once. It was only once – on a bachelor party of some very famous fellow, I can’t tell you his name. He got wed on 24 August 2018 in France, several days after he got very good entertained with me. I can also tell ya he is a huge flesh lover – he personally has had me in all anatomical openings that I have, even my ears experienced his temper.

I have uploaded 205 my nude pictures online. There is a site with closed registration (only by invitation of members) and people ask to do all sorts of pictures of a naked body. Some of their requests are rather odd. Like stick a fish into the vagina and take a pic. But they pay well for each such pic. I have 13 pictures with a fish inside of my pussy. 8 pics where I am pooping. 7 pics I am shoving strawberry in my anus. 3 pictures I make a morning cocktail out of sperm and banana. 1 picture as I sit on a huge candle of wax shaped as a garden gnome.

I spent 562 minutes on writing this short telling with all those numbers. You will spend 6 minutes to read it. Enjoy.

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