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I was a client of a Russian escort Ankara luxury erotic service for the first time. I used the services of girls like them before but they were my first try in this city and I did not regret it at all. Even more – I was so pleased by their skillful deeds that I am sure now I will reorder them over and over when I will be in this city again, with a private or business visit.

I came to the city to have a good party for the sake of my 25th birthday. I don’t have friends in this city but I didn’t want to bring them from Oakland, my hometown, so I’ve decided to celebrate it on my own.

After some minutes of googling on my Internet browser, I found a site of Russian escort Ankara luxury escort agency. The faces and bodies of girls were really breathtaking – and I couldn’t resist from ordering three girls at once. I’ve decided to take all chances of life into my hands in this way.

I met with the Ankara escort agency girls 100 meters from the entrance to the club – ultra modern best nightclub of the city. Somehow, I don’t remember its name – simply lost it from my head. The face control let us in without further questions and we immediately got immersed into the vicious ambiance of the nightlife of the city. The semi-darkened place embraced dance music with basses. A crowd of people danced and above them, on the level 2, stood tables and sofas where users can get their refreshments or relax from dancing.

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I and girls took one comfortable sofa with a table and ordered the first two rounds of drinks at once. The location of tables was done in a way not to spoil the guests’ feelings with light, so we were almost invisible to everyone, especially when the curtain at the entrance to our lounge was closed. Two girls went dancing to invigorate themselves a little and the third one descended under the table and unzipped my pants.

The liquors and cocktails were delivered in 15 minutes (pretty long time, I understand, but the place was almost full so there must have been a queue) and an Ankara escort agency girl was already sucking my dick hard. I sat spreading my legs wider enjoying the view of some part of the dance floor and the feelings this pussy was giving me.

She worked good on my penis and balls, completely enabling her tongue, lips, and hands in the process. I had the feeling it was my best blowjob ever as she did not miss any part of my pecker to make me happy. When I cummed for the first time, I felt I was elevated on the blissful mountaintop and she defined the weather conditions on this mountain making it hot. I dunno how to explain these feelings any better – it’s just what I felt at this moment.

The other two arrived and we’ve had the round of drinking. The girls talked about themselves and people around, shared their stories, were great listeners and I was enchanted with nice chatting we had. In one hour, we’ve already doubled our stock of drinks and were half-drunk.

I asked two Ankara Russian escort girls that were dancing to amuse me sexually. I supposed to fuck one in her tender pussy while the other must dance striptease. This would do the double excitation for me. I let the third girl go on the dance floor, as she wanted. Never before, I combined sex with watching as another beautiful girl stripping. It gave me some exotic sensation of having sex simultaneously with two girls whilst I wasn’t touching the second girl. When the stripper was completely naked, she joined our sexual rave and stood behind me, sharing my movements with thighs I had with the first girl. It was interesting: her soft and warm body gave me another level of excitation, which I never thought was possible at all. The naked girl was hugging my body tight, wandering her playful hands on me, and got to my balls that were moving to the rhythm of fucking of Ankara Russian escort girl I had. She started squeezing them gently while grabbing my buttocks and all I felt was excitation that had to pour over the edge. And I did finish abruptly – with the hugest energy that spilled o’er the threshold of the first time, I let myself out and fell powerless on the spine of the girl under me. The best evening ever.

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