New Year is coming & a guy organizes a good New Year’s party

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» » New Year is coming & a guy organizes a good New Year’s party

I wanna tell the Christmas story for the readers of your blog, dear escort Ankara service.

My name is Steve. I felt very good on the last Christmas Eve with girls from escort Ankara service. That is why, this year, I’ve decided to repeat this fantastic experience. I rented a 300-feet apartment in Ankara city with fabulous ocean view & called my friends, only a few closest ones to create the happy mood, as I knew they all were funny guys. They also contributed financially to the celebration, so renting the apartment wasn’t that hard with their help.

Then, I’ve picked five girls from your catalog – Ira, Sashenka, Lena, Eveline & Natalie. They seemed to me most charming women in entire escort Ankara model agency, but that’s only my opinion. Though, I know my friends completely shared my feeling – they told me that after the party was over, hoping for not less great one party the next year, 2018.

After the entry into the apartment, it was a big hall to greet guests & it transitioned on the left in a big kitchen full of different snacks & main dishes, organized like a Swedish table. On the left, it was another big room with a huge fireplace, near to which I had decided to organize Xmas tree decorated in the best traditions of this time of the year. I lit up the fire in the fireplace, so the room was now warm & heat transferred to all the place. I think I’ve done everything depending on me to organize a feeling of the holiday as it was in my childhood.

First arrived girls, almost all at the same time, on 5 PM, as we arranged. My friends started to come at 6, so girls had an hour to prepare them, change dress & ‘powder their noses’ each in her own way.

Christmas is in our souls! A girl from escort service wishes you well in the New Year & is dressed properly to amuse you

Guys were met by all girls at the door, smiling & wishing them a Happy New Year, using small flappers filled with confetti that activated with a hand – you know such nice ones, when you pull the string & it flaps with different-colored paper dots all around.

Then one of the escort Ankara girls took an arrived guest & lead him to one of three private rooms to make love with him. Typically, it was one time of several that every person spent with a girl from escort Ankara service model agency this evening & it took them 20 or 30 minutes each time.

I also took advantage of being a host of this party. So when all my guests gathered & were already hanging on the kitchen, drinking champagne & chatting under cleverly organized by me Christmas music, I took one of the girls on her hand to one of the free rooms.

She was dressed in very seducing lingerie of red-and-black colors, which added her not only a touch of Christmas but also some gothic, which suited me perfectly. Under the red hat was a pretty face with a thin nose & a small chin, just like I love. Going down, there were boobs of 4th size, soft & smelling good, with musk & daisies, so I fell in love with this smell right at once. Her thin waist was far thinner than 60 in circumference & the best place of a girl was round & tight butt that she put into my palms right after we remained alone. Her tanned skin looked brown in semi-darkness of the room having only holiday illumination. Every time illumination of garland changed, her eyes shown little sparkles & that made her look mysterious & devilishly attractive.

She lured me on the bed & we fell on it, kissing & hugging like passionate beasts. Laughter & screams of our friends were heard as indistinctive hum from the closed door, bringing the festive mood in our souls. She tasted like a box of sweets with liquor; I was literally drowning in her lips. When I took off her panties, she was already wet from desire. Understanding my inclination, she pushed me on my back & sat atop. I entered into her without any efforts & our sex rides with escort Ankara girl began. She was horny & jumped on my dick with loud oohs & aahs. I can’t say if she had the same pleasant sensations as I had but hey, what the hell – even if it was a little ‘game on the public,’ which is me, what’s wrong with that? Her boobs were jumping so great; I couldn’t restrain them with my hands, though I’ve tried. Her labia juices flew on me & it was gorgeous – thinking of it, I finished, brightly & loud, screaming & laughing out loud from the gorgeous feelings overwhelming me.


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