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This VIP escort Russian woman was very nicely groomed. She was 27, had the third size of breasts and bigger ass. If to calculate her circumference, in the chest, she was 105 and in the ass, she was 117. Thus, could it be counted as the fourth size of ass?

She loved having sex and that is why did not have a husband – she was far not ready for a monogamy. Her beauteous body required a strong man that would assist her in fulfillment of her naughty sexual fantasies. But as she had not found a regular lover yet, she was dating with many men time to time. That is why this VIP escort Russian loved to be prepared for the act of physical love constantly. One of the main points of such preparations was shaving in all places where necessary: pubis, armpits, ass hole or, as she loved to call it, brownie eye, and legs. She found it arousing to get rid of hair everywhere imagining how men will caress her. One time, she put a shower water sprayer between her legs and made water pressure as big as possible. Within 5 or 6 minutes of active of water and arm, that was rubbing her clitoris, she caught severe orgasm that was waving through her for 10 more minutes – she remembered this vivid sensation for a long time.

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Now, as escort VIP woman was desperately sitting in a shower trying to reach that kind of sensation again, she gave in after 20 minutes of vain attempts. Completing a shower, she has decided to order pizza to somehow smoothen her negative sexual arousal.

The pizza was on time, 40 minutes after she completed a call.

“Ding-dong”, said the door and caught her painting her eyes with black mascara. She did only a light touch of lipstick and hurried to open the door anticipating great taste of cheesy pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms that she loved so much.

On a porch, she was met by a handsome man. Too handsome, in fact, to be just a pizza delivery fellow. At least, that’s what escort VIP woman thought at that time. She desperately desired this stud. She invited him in telling that she has money in another room.

“Only don’t let him leave”, she thought, “As you will lose a great lover that you require right now.”

Guy, whose name she did not even know, was standing in a parlor waiting as she returns.

She got back with money and asked whether he wants to have a cup of tea. He said no and asked for money.

“Maybe, something stronger than tea? Or do you prefer something different?”, she asked in desperate desire to make him stay. Saying this, she has raised a hem of her robe to demonstrate her wonderful slim legs. A guy started to breathe more frequent.

She took off her robe in one sharp move staying completely naked. Her skin was still a little wet from the recent shower and her breast was rising and falling under the frequent inhaling. She hugged his head and neck, immersing fingers in his hair and pressed her lips to his. He dropped money on a floor and kissed her back, pressing with all his body to her, this wonderful and desirable escort VIP woman.

In less than in a minute, he took all his dress off and stayed completely naked in front of her. Yes, she really was eating his perfect body with an insatiable look. She took him to the closest couch and knocked him over on a sitting place. Then she got on top of him, sitting on his lap and, wearing a condom with three fast movements, she sat on his aroused and pulsating dick. The guy was athletic but his penis was thick as if they were creatures from two different worlds and connected together only recently.

Yes, she felt great right now, and arousal already stepped over the threshold, very fast, as if by itself. He tried to move but she stopped him, asking to sit quietly whilst she was jumping up and down. During every jump, her third-sized boobs with brown nipples on top as if spears, were jumping too, in front of his face, and he was overly enjoying it.

Finally, the next orgasm (how many were they? She lost their count) exhausted her and she offered to change a pose. She lied on a belly and asked to enter her in brownie eye. A guy was so excited that finished inside of her ass just in 5 or 10 seconds as she got in.

“Cigarette?”, she asked, lighting it for him. And they both smoked.

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