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Hey everyone! My name is Adrian and you are reading this story because I was fucked by several hot chicks from escort girls Ankara – my clients at that night. I found out their site and even discovered they have a section of stories on it so I’ve decided to send the story that had happened to me when I was driving escort girls between the partying locations.

I work as a limo driver in several cities of Turkey: Istanbul, Bursa, and Ankara. Primarily, I work in Istanbul city but sometimes, I receive lucrative offers from the other two that I can’t miss. This day I received such an offer from Ankara. I know, it’s insane – especially taking into account the distance of 450 km between them – but I own one of the best limos in Turkey: 15 meters long, white, and it is a Hammer-based! So, it has much more space than usual limos with low roof have and about 20-25 people can almost freely dance inside of it. That is why if anyone requires specific luxury that only I can provide, they call me and within 5-6 hours drive from my home city, I am at their disposal.

I picked up girls Ankara in the specified location and drove them to the club #1 – I had stopped remembering names of nightclubs a long time ago since I realized I’ve seen the facades of more than 1,000 of them. Now I simply count a number of clubs I see each day or night. So far, the record is impressive 17 for 1 night!

One of the escort girls Ankara is sitting on a balcony making selfie to capture her youth and beauty that will not stay always unaltered – that is why it is important to make an image now

What I do mainly when I’m waiting for a client? Sit and read a book/newspaper or standing outside smoking and answering all sorts of questions about my car: length, horsepowers, how much it eats, how much does it cost to rent one and so on… From the first location, girls from escort Ankara service went to another. How do I know they are from Ankara Escort? You’ll find out a bit later…

When they’ve changed 5 places, about 4 hours have passed, all 6 girls were not really standing on their feet. I listen to what clients speak – and already in 30 minutes, I’ve realized they are call girls – as they were actively discussing such topics telling how they got into different situations and came out of them. Then they ordered me the club on the edge of the city and while these 20 minutes driving, their chat gradually shifted on a discussion of a desire to have a good fuck right about now. A word for word and some of them understood that they are driving in one car with a guy – me.

Next 5 minutes, I was an object of their molestation (as I don’t like the word ‘harassment’). Eventually, we’ve agreed that they can play with me on two conditions: they treble the price of limo tonight and we are searching for some secluded place to make it. They agreed and I took them on the lonely road I knew was near the city on a highway.

When we were here, I stopped by the road lantern and we came out of the car. Girls were mostly with bottles of champagne in their hands; they quickly drew my pants on the dusty ground and two of them made my legs broader and took my dick. While one was making me erect, the second one leaned lower to suck my balls – I do not consider it sexy – but, what the heck, I allowed them doing everything they wanted for their money. I was erect within short seconds. A first girl raised her ultra-short skirt exposing the absence of panties and I entered her, sharply, not wasting precious seconds. She leaned on a car. We were fucking not too long, as she was pushed by the second girl. I entered the pussy #2, only a half second after exiting the pussy #1. This carousel continued until all 6 girls were on my cock – but I’m sure none of them finished. Well, maybe just a girl who wanted sex the most. Then we came back to a limo. I lied back on one of seating and some girl sat on me, exposing her 3rd-sized breast. The others were drinking, laughing, and sparkling with their eyes watching us doing sex. I finished. She understood that and got off me. She next girl took off my condom, wiped me, and put a fresh one on me until I was still erect. Supporting me this way, she sat on top and fucking continued.

I was completely emptied after a fourth girl – finishing 4 times in a row is pretty impressive… I got generously paid and we hit the road in 10 minutes as I took rest…

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